Two new Specialized models spotted in the wild

Spring is here at that usually means new bike models come out to play. Fresh off the release of the Enduro 29er, Specialized shows no signs of slowing down, with two new prototypes being ridden by pros.

First up, a reader on spotted a certain Mr. Ned Overend with a prototype Specialized fat bike at a race. While the aluminum frame looks pretty far advanced to being production-ready, the parts kit is mostly off-the-shelf, which will likely change if Big S brings one to market. One detail that was noticed is the wider-than-average rear hub. Could Specialized be adopting the 186mm rear hub width that we first saw from 9Zero7?

Next up, Bike Rumor posted a pic today of Mitch Ropelato with what appears to be a short-travel 4X bike from Specialized. After the much-loved SX was dropped from the lineup with the introductino of the P-Slope, fans have been hoping for a replacement. Will we see the finished product at Sea Otter? Stay tuned!