Video: Road gap over the Tour de France

Dave Watson tried it back in 2002 but this year the gang from Encho Rage made it stick.

After 6 months of reflection, 1 month shape, a storm the night before that drenched runway and reception, and that forced us down emergency Annecy we got there.

There are so many variables in the preparation of such a jump that 2 hours before we had a lot of doubts about its implementation.

It should not be a motorcycle, car there before the reception, runners should be at a minimum distance …

We want to take any risk. Not forgetting to be discreet …

A great big thank you to all the friends who joined us for the organization and security, but also to Kevin Demolis Alexis Bosson, Bron and Quentin Killian Jaud.

Filmed and directed by Emeric Caron.

Music by Data Romance – The Deep

Well played Romain!