Video: Smith Optics ‘Great Days – Finding the Unexpected in Chillan’


Some say a great day is just a state of mind. For Smith Optics, great days are what reinvigorate personal passion for life outside walls. To celebrate Smith’s 50th anniversary of outdoor adventure in 2015, the brand is hosting a year-long web series, “Great Days”. Viewers get a behind the scenes look into what makes a Great Day for the elite of the elite and the challenges they face to get there. Each webisode will highlight Smith’s athletes and ambassadors across all disciplines of outdoor activity as they document what keeps them pushing the limits.

After the race dust had settled, disco music was turned off, and their wounds started to heal, the Smith team took off south heading into the unknown hoping to discover more wild trails, breathtaking views and experience much more of the welcoming Chilean culture. To their surprise, they were welcomed by bamboo forests, volcanic rich soil, and some unbelievable trails in Chillan…

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