Web Extra for Dirt Rag #144: Tour Divide

For more photos of the event taken by the Adventure Cycling Association’s Aaron Teasdale (and his son Silas), click here.

The official Tour Divide race site has the start list, updates from the race, the finishing times, and more.

Dirt Rag has had several features about this event in the past:

  • “A Long Way from Home,” in issue #130 (online reprint here).
  • “The Way of the Mountain Turtle,” an account of the second running of the race from Kent Peterson, in issue #117.

A couple participants kept their own blogs about the event:

  •  Jay Petervary, who won the event in ’07 and this year competed with his wife Tracy on a tandem.
  • Deanna Adams was almost the first person to complete the route on a fixed-gear bike, but sadly, it turned out she missed part of the route and had to be left off the list of finishers. Her story is still compelling.